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Returns at 8%

Primera Holding is offering investors a return at 8% per year. Clients will be investing along side Primera Holding, with a secured deposit and quarterly returns.
Why do we love investing in the UK compared to most European places? There are few key reasons:

1) The Real Estate Industry is very well developed. The amount of transaction (essentially acquisition and sale of assets) is large. Facilitated by a relatively simple conveyancy process that has been in place for hundreds of years. British are found of their home and the say is that ‘their home are their castles’. The property ladder is a concept that get most British keen to acquire their own home as soon as they start working. Then up-sizing as they get older. That concept is relatively unique. The rest of Europe are keen to rent. Not owning a home until you reach well pass 40 is a very normal situation in most mainland Europe. Well, not in the UK…..

2) The second advantage over the rest of Europe is the UK banking system that allows a large variety of different products to be used by real estate investors. Interest only mortgage and remortgaging are 2 concepts that are not used in any other real estate industries beside the Anglo-Saxon. These tools are great and allow you to release equity from your property tax free. They also allow you to get very attractive yield and significantly positive cash flow, even with very high loan-to-value ratio. Main land Europe offers exclusively full repayment mortgage, which doesn’t allow the investor to get any yield from the property. Primera Holding is able to provide 8% return because of the interest free mortgage available in the UK. On top of that, mainland Europe is very heavy with solicitor charges, unability to switch mortgage provider, very cumbersome administrative process, etc…

All in all we are very bullish on the UK market, it is a great and efficient market and don’t let salesmen tell you otherwise.

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